>> Welcome to Camp Cheshire 

Nestled securely in a secret location somewhere deep in the Mojave Desert, Camp Cheshire is the purpose-built garrison for the United States military's Paranormal & Occult Intervention Task Force (POINT). Originally formed as the innocuously-named "Section 6" during the mid-1990s by the then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in response to an intelligence report indicating a possible threat to the United States posed by 'doomsday cults', Section 6 seemed to have outlived its usefulness after the uneventful arrival of the year 2000. It was systematically deactivated as the number of doomsday cults dwindled, and by 2003, Section 6 was just a skeleton crew, composed mainly of soldiers and officers waiting for reassignment to other units. In April of 2003, amidst the chaos of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad was looted and many artifacts and relics were stolen. Among those pieces stolen was a pre-Sumerian clay tablet with an undecipherable inscription. Disaster struck in 2004 when the remnants of Section 6 were scrambled to deal with an until-then relatively unknown doomsday cult calling themselves the Scorpius Initiative. The severely handicapped unit was slaughtered by a mysterious creature that could only be described as a demon, most likely summoned by the Initiative using the incantation inscribed onto the stolen tablet. Faced with the threat of genuine black magic, Section 6 was reformed as the Paranormal & Occult Intervention Task Force, a joint service permanent-alert unit under the command of JSOC, responsible for countering and subduing all paranormal threats to the United States. This time, however, the military decided that instead of assigning regular soldiers to the unit, they would employ research done by the CIA during the 1970s to evaluate the psionic potential of all their soldiers, sailors and marines among the standard battery of tests performed during a routine physical. These tests produced a roster of eight candidates who were quickly whisked away to become POINTís field operations team. POINT today has evolved into a highly-specialized covert ops force, and as such is kept hidden from public view. Only a select few people in Washington D.C. are even aware of the unit's existence and the citizens of the United States of America sleep soundly at night, free from the nightmare creatures that plague the darkness, and oblivious to the shadow war that rages around them, fought by warriors whose names history will never know.


>> About the Unit Insignia

All POINT members wear a distinctive insignia on their left upper arm while in garrison. This insignia consists of a shield, through which a sword plunges down. Above the guard of the sword, eight five-pointed stars are displayed in an arc, and below the guard, a scroll with the phrase, "NON TIMEBIMUS TENEBRAE" unfurls. The shield represents the unit's readiness to defend America, while the sword represents their willingness to use force in order to do so. The eight stars represent each of the eight soldiers of Section 6, POINT's precursor, who lost their lives during the first demonic attack that made the formation of POINT necessary. Lastly, the scroll bears the unit's motto, which is Latin for "We shall not fear the darkness."